Uniformed Security Officers 

Professional Dress Uniform

For long-term assignment or special events. Armed Security Officers have many of the same responsibilities as unarmed Security Officers, but are equipped with weapons in order to deter and/or respond forcefully to a perceived risk of a more serious nature, such as a past experience of an attempted, perpetrated, or threatened crime posing physical harm. We urge you to consider this option carefully and correctly when and if needed. Please remember that Security Officers can be equipped with various tools of deterrence and response: sprays, and/or batons, and/or handguns of varying stopping force and caliber. Such Security Officers must have proven, certified training in the kind of weapon to be applied; and have a significant number of years experience, are current law enforcement officers or have prior military training and/or combat experience.


Mobile Patrol 

Provides Mobile Patrol 24/7 in Our Service Areas

All patrol vehicles are driven by an armed officer. In order to qualify, our officer's must be CPR/First aid certified, have three years of experience in the security field, and have the appropriate mace, baton, and exposed weapons.Officers must have their DMV report evaluated and pass a report writing test, and a background check, 1st Security Services Drivers are among the best trained in the security industry.


1st Security Services provides layered protection with the use of dispatcher, mobile patrol units. Our various levels of protection ensure that each officer has the back-up protection that he/she needs, and that each property is safely guarded for the specified shift.

Asset Protection Management

Loss Prevention 

1st Security Services is “Your Partner for Total Security Services” by providing affordable solutions to protect corporate and personal assets as-well-as security of physical plants and facilities. 1stSS integrates multiple techniques based on an ever changing economic and social climate to eliminate or minimize risk of loss.  Furthermore, 1stSS is always integrating technology to augment uniformed armed and unarmed security guards, frequent but random patrols, or rapid response to incidences to provide a better value proposition to its clients.

1stSS only employs well trained and fully equipped personnel. Security Officers will employ either (or both) fixed station or frequent but random vehicle patrols.  Our mission is to prevent incidence of loss, but when situations are detected Security Officers immediately report to the 1stSS Command and Control Center, Operations Supervisor and a Senior Manager of the company.  Security Officers will also be prepared to involve local law enforcement and a Client Security Representative or a designee(s).  Each 1stSS Security Officers utilizes radio, cell and laptop technology to make these reports instantaneously and simultaneously.

You manage your business, 1stSS will help you midigate loss and protect assets and personnel by providing:

  • Armed and unarmed uniformed Security Officers

  • Camera and Personal Surveillance

  • Roving Vehicle Patrols

  • Controlled Ingress and Egress of Entry Control Points (CEP) of Business/Commercial Sites and Gated Communities and Apartments

  • Executive, VIP and Guest Escorts Locally, on Foot or by Automobile, and Upon Arrival at Cleveland Hopkins Airport

  • Courier Services of Valuable Business Assets and Securities and Sensitive Corporate Files and Documents

  • Traffic Control

  • Escorts of Critical Shipments of Public and Private Merchandise Throughout Ohio and the US

  • School, Corporate or Private Events After a Free Risk Assessment

       1stSS guarantees your satisfaction by providing a richer value proposition as we look forward to a long
       and favorable relationship

Event Security 

Private and Public Events 

Event Services requires Security Officers to be highly visible to act as a deterrent, yet not obstruct the public or in anyway keep people from realizing full enjoyment from the special event. 1stSS have considerable experience at this level of private security.

Electronic Surveillance

Security Technology

In today’s economy, as crime levels rise. Many businesses, especially with high value office equipment and high Assets, become an easy target for criminals due to the lack of investment in proper site surveillance. Many times, a simple installation of a camera internally and/or externally may deter and aid in discouraging such crimes. Assigning a designated officer to monitor the video surveillance feed reinforces the effectiveness when attempting to prevent crimes.

1st Security Services is an innovative industry leading force in the state-of-the-art custom-design and installation of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). 1st Security Services ES division was created by popular demand in order to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions and fill in the industry’s void between inexpensive low-end CCTV systems and expensive high-end CCTV systems.